Top 20 EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers pdf

1. What is EIGRP?
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is an enhanced distance vector routing protocol which Uses Diffused Update Algorithm (DUAL) to calculate the shortest path. It is also considered as a Hybrid Routing Protocol because it has characteristics of both Distance Vector and Link State Routing Protocols.
EIGRP supports classless routing and VLSM, route summarization, incremental updates, load balancing and other features.

2. What are the requirements for neighborship in EIGRP?
The following fields in a hello packet must match for routers to become neighbors:-
1.Autonomous System number.
4.Primary address should be used.
5.If static neighborship than should be define on both sides.

3. What are the metric of EIGRP protocol & its default values?
1.Bandwidth (K1=1)
2.Load (K2=0)
3.Delay (K3=1)
4.Reliability (K4=0)
5.Maximum Transmission Unit (K5=0)
By default, EIGRP only uses bandwidth (K1) and delay (K3) to calculate metric.

4. Give the formula by which EIGRP calculates metric?
Metric = 256 * [(10^7 / lowest-bandwidth) + cumulative-delay]
The lowest bandwidth is the lowest-bandwidth link in the route, using a unit of kilobits per second.
The cumulative-delay value used in the formula is the sum of all the delay values for all links in the route, with a unit of tens of microseconds.

5. What are the four basic components of EIGRP?
The four basic components of EIGRP are -
1. The Protocol Dependent Module - It supports IP, IPv6, IPX, Apple Talk.
2. The Reliable Transport Protocol - RTP is used in EIGRP for detecting packet loss and to ensure ordered delivery of the packets.
3. The Neighbor Discovery and Recovery Module - Hello messages are used for Neighbor Discovery and Recovery.
4. The Diffusing Update Algorithm - It is an algorithm used by EIGRP for selecting lowest cost loop free path for each possible destination.

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