Top 20 OpenEdge interview questions and answers - freshers, experienced

1) What is the way to make a makefile for progress OpenEdge ABL?
You can use JAR file PCT to make a makefile for progress OpenEdge ABL, it is used in an ANT script and manages progress compilation with many other options like multi-threading or just recompiling what is required.

2) Is there any Microsoft SQL server profiler equivalent for progress OpenEdge ABL?
For general performance data, options available are:
•  OpenEdge Management or Fathom
•  ProTop
•  Pro Monitor

3) Mention the pros and cons of using object-oriented programming for OpenEdge?
Pros of using Object Oriented ABL
•  It is an excellent option for creating re-usable code
•  It is the best way to clean up an existing procedural codebase

Cons of using Object Oriented ABL
•   There is a limitation for class hierarchies while the older version has some more limitations like lack of abstract classes
•  Difficulty arises in error handling; CATCH/THROW does not let you throw your custom errors and force callers to catch them
•  Object memory footprint is huge, and there are no AVM debugging tools to track down
•  Code reviews may be challenging task as most progress developers don’t do OOABL
•  To manage the socket, you have to run a separate persistent procedure
•  No class library or data structure needed for OO
•  No Exception handling

4) In there any automatic way in OpenEdge to know which rows are the latest one that have been added to an OpenEdge table?
•  There is no automatic way in OpenEdge to know which row is added latest, however the only way to state this is by applying a sequence or by time stamping the record
•  In case if you are looking for changes without applying schema changes, you can record changes using session or DB triggers to capture updates to the DB and to save that that log activity
•  Another way is taking periodic back of the database, and then use queries to compare the current DB with the backup DB and get the differences that way
•  Maintain a db on the customer site with the content of the last table dump. Next time when you want to get any deltas details from the customer, compare that table with the current table

5) Explain how to decorate classes, properties and methods with attributes in progress OpenEdge ABL with .NET bridge?
It is not possible to use an attribute from C# in ABL code. In order to do that you have to create instances from the C# class and then inherit this class in ABL and then make some wrappers if necessary.

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