Top 25 Ethical Hacking interview questions and answers

1) Explain what is Ethical Hacking?
Ethical Hacking is when a person is allowed to hacks the system with the permission of the product owner to find weakness in a system and later fix them.

2) What is the difference between IP address and Mac address?
IP address: To every device IP address is assigned, so that device can be located on the network.  In other words IP address is like your postal address, where anyone who knows your postal address can send you a letter.
MAC (Machine Access Control) address: A MAC address is a unique serial number assigned to every network interface on every device.  Mac address is like your physical mail box, only your postal carrier (network router) can identify it and you can change it by getting a new mailbox (network card) at any time and slapping your name  (IP address) on it.

3) List out some of the common tools used by Ethical hackers?
Meta Sploit
Wire Shark
John The Ripper

4) What are the types of ethical hackers?
The types of ethical hackers are
Grey Box hackers or Cyberwarrior
Black Box penetration Testers
White Box penetration Testers
Certified Ethical hacker

5) What is footprinting in ethical hacking? What is the techniques used for footprinting?
Footprinting refers accumulating and uncovering as much as information about the target network before gaining access into any network. The approach adopted by hackers before hacking
Open Source Footprinting : It will look for the contact information of administrators that will be used in guessing the password in Social engineering
Network Enumeration : The hacker tries to identify the domain names and the network blocks of the target network
Scanning : Once the network is known, the second step is to spy the active IP addresses on the network.  For identifying active IP addresses (ICMP) Internet Control Message Protocol is an active IP addresses
Stack Fingerprinting : Once the hosts and port have been mapped by scanning the network, the final footprinting step can be performed.  This is called Stack fingerprinting.

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