Tricky RSTP and MST Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

11.Explain M-Record?
In MST, one switch calculates hash for particular instance and send it to other switch. Other switch will match priority in that hash with its own calculated hash and root bridge is elected.

12.Explain MST BPDU's?
The entire MST instance-to-VLAN mapping table is not sent in the BPDUs because the instance mappings must be configured on each switch. Instead, a digest or a hash code computed is sent. Switches comapre the received BPDU hash with its own hash.

13.How revision number in MST works?
The configuration revision number gives us a means of tracking changes to the MST region configuration. Each time we make changes to the configuration, we should increase the number by one. It is not increemented automatically.

14.What is the command to change mode to MST?
Switch(config)# spanning-tree mode mst.

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