Tricky SAP Solman Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

31. What are the benefits of using GPA?
Guided procedures in solution Manager can be used to achieve following benefits -
To perform complex processes.
Business critical processes can be executed with less risk.
You can speed up the processes.

32. What are the different modules where you can use GPA?
GPA can be integrated with different application modules -
Business Process Operations
Application Operations
Message flow monitoring
Database Comparison
IT Task Management
Alerting and Monitoring

33. How to launch Guided Procedure environment in SAP Solution Manager?
Using Transaction code: GPA_ADMIN or from a work center.

34. What is the use of Content Delivery pane in Guided Procedure environment?
This option can be used to alert the customers when new content is available and it also propose to import it.

35. What is GPA Log book?
This tool of GPA is used to view instances, logs, and to export to HTML, and start new instance. You can access Guided Procedure Log from GP Browser for the selected scope and for the selected guided procedure.

36. Is it possible to filter and export logs from GPA log book?
You can use filtering section to filter the logs. It is also possible to export the logs to different formats- Excel, HTML, etc.

37. What is the use of GP runtime?
This tool is used to execute a guided procedure, to check status of execution. When you open a Guided Procedure in GP Browser UI or you can select preview in Guided Procedure Maintenance, it opens the guided procedure runtime UI and you can execute GP.

38. Why do you use SAP Solman Template management?
In SAP Solution Manager, using template management you can create templates at global level – for blueprint documents, business scenarios, and configuration and they can be distributed. The templates can be reused in other projects and solutions.

39. What is the purpose of using Test Management in SAP solution Manager?
In SAP Solution Manager, you can perform the test management process centrally and execute tests for cross system business processes.

40. What is the purpose of using IT Task Management?
This allows you to plan IT tasks and visualize plan task in task inbox for processes. You can execute these tasks from task inbox.