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Most recently Ethical Hacking Multiple choice Questions and Answers pdf

11) Explain what is ARP Spoofing or ARP poisoning?
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is a form of attack in which an attacker changes MAC ( Media Access Control) address and attacks an internet LAN by changing the target computer’s ARP cache with a forged ARP request and reply packets.

12) How you can avoid or prevent ARP poisoning?
ARP poisoning can be prevented by following methods
Packet Filtering : Packet filters are capable for filtering out and blocking packets with conflicting source address information
Avoid trust relationship : Organization should develop protocol that rely on trust relationship as little as possible
Use ARP spoofing detection software : There are programs that inspects and certifies data before it is transmitted and blocks data that is spoofed
Use cryptographic network protocols : By using secure communications protocols like TLS, SSH, HTTP secure prevents ARP spoofing attack by encrypting data prior to transmission and authenticating data when it is received

13) What is Mac Flooding?
Mac Flooding is a technique where the security of given network switch is compromised. In Mac flooding the hacker or attacker floods the switch with large number of frames, then what a switch can handle. This make switch behaving as a hub and transmits all packets at all the ports. Taking the advantage of this the attacker will try to send his packet inside the network to steal the sensitive information.

14) Explain what is DHCP Rogue Server?
A Rogue DHCP server is DHCP server on a network which is not under the control of administration of network staff. Rogue DHCP Server can be a router or modem.  It will offer users IP addresses , default gateway, WINS servers as soon as user’s logged in.  Rogue server can sniff into all the traffic sent by client to all other networks.

15) Explain what is Cross-site scripting and what are the types of Cross site scripting?
Cross site scripting is done by using the known vulnerabilities like web based applications, their servers or plug-ins users rely upon.  Exploiting one of these by inserting malicious coding into a link which appears to be a trustworthy source.  When users click on this link the malicious code will run as a part of the client’s web request and execute on the user’s computer, allowing attacker to steal information.

There are three types of Cross-site scripting
Server side versus DOM based vulnerabilities