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Given the query SELECT AVG(column1) FROM t1; where t1 is an empty table, what is the result?

A. 0
B. Null
C. Error
D. No record found

Ans: B

What are three characteristics of views?

A. Views can contain a WHERE clause.
B. Views cannot be used to UPDATE a table.
C. Views must change if columns are added to a table.
D. Views are not affected if columns are added to a table.
E. Views provide an additional level of security or authorization.

Ans: D

Click the Exhibit button. Given the two tables and the query shown in the exhibit, what is the result set?

A. 5, NULL
B. 2, NULL
C. 2, 2300
D. 3, NULL
E. 2, 20000

Ans: B

What two types of tables are available when users need to create a small temporary table but only have spool space allocated to them?

A. Volatile
B. Derived
C. Permanent
D. Global Temporary

Ans: B

How are volatile tables similar to derived tables

A. Are to local to the query
B. Table definition kept in memory
C. Are desingned for optimal performance
D. Have no data dicitionarey acess or transcation locks

Ans: B

Which type of processing workload is least likely to justify the cost of upgrading a system

A. Exeutive report
B. Daily status report
C. Quater end report
D. Nightly batch process

Ans: C

When was Teradata founded?

A. 2005
B. 1904
C. 1979
D. March 2006

Ans: C

What is the revenue of Teradata?

A. $1.26 billion USD
B. $93 million for fiscal year 2007/2008
C. $1.76 billion USD
D. 2005 $325.5M US

Ans: C

What is the company slogan of Teradata?

A. Protecting Values
B. "transforming travel"
C. Raising Intelligence
D. One Wire, Infinite Possibilities

Ans: C

What industry is Teradata in?

A. Technology services
B. Technology
C. Data Warehouse technologies
D. Environmental technology

Ans: C

Who of the following is a key person at Teradata?

A. Warren East
B. Bob Fair, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Services
C. Girlie M. Aragon,
D. Ola Forberg

Ans: B

Where is Teradata?

A. United States
B. Illinois
C. Colorado
D. Arkansas

Ans: A

What type of company is Teradata?

a. Public
b. Privately held
c. Private, LLC.
d. Subsidiary of Vodafone Plc

Ans: A

"Hello Chris" is a statement that makes Chris feel ________.

A. hello
B. Possible
C. Happy
D. Sad
E. Pleased

Ans: B

Teradata has been called a ------- architecture.

A. Shared Nothing
B. Anything Goes
C. Shared Everything
D. Dual Redundant

Ans: A

HASHROW funtions is ________.

A. Returns the hash bucket number that corresponds to a specified row hash value.
B. Returns the hexadecimal row hash value for an expression
C. Returns the AMP number of the primary AMP corresponding to the specified hash bucket number.
D. Returns the identification number of the fallback AMP corresponding to the specified hash bucket.


Explain command displays the execution plan of the query chosen by the Teradata Optimizer

A. False
B. True


Success/Failure/Error responses from Teradata are received by

A. Request Parcel
B. Data parcel
C. Response Parcel

Ans: C

Teradata Database facilities for software falut tolerance on

A. Vproc Migration & Fallback tables
B. AMP Clusters & Journaling
C. Backup/Archive/Restore
D. Table Rebuild Utility
E. All of the above
F. None of the above

Ans: E